Planning a dahlia garden part 2: design your plot

Hello there! I hope you are enjoying the light and the longer days of May. Here in Holland, we had a cold and dry start to spring. Not ideal growing conditions. It wasn’t all bad, though, the daffodils and tulips lasted a lot longer than normal. But now that the Ice Saints have gone, it is time to start hardening off your seedlings and plant out any potted up dahlias.

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Planning a dahlia garden: choosing shapes, sizes and colours

Thank you so much to everyone who commented on last week’s blog post, not only here but on Instagram as well. I know it was very different from my usual blog posts. My aim for this blog is for it to be a place for people to escape to and find inspiration. I want it to be a happy place and try to keep real life out.

But last week it just didn’t feel right to write about flowers when so much is happening in the world. I may write more personal blog posts in the future, but today’s post is all about flowers 😉

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Dahlia garden review

The meteorological winter has begun and in the Netherlands, everyone is excited about Saint Nicholas, or Sinterklaas, coming to town this weekend. He brings his gifts on the evening of December 5th, riding the roofs on a white horse, delivering presents by the chimney. The Dutch took this tradition to America and Sinterklaas evolved into Santa Claus. Gift-bringing at Christmas is gaining popularity each year, but Sinterklaas is still more popular. Because my husband’s family is German we both exchange gifts at Sinterklaas and on Christmas Eve. Our children must be the happiest kids in the world.

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Dahlia garden update: my favourite cut flower dahlias

Hello there, welcome back to my blog! After my long break, I am happy to take up blogging again and share my love of flowers with you. Today, I am taking you to my dahlia garden and I think it’s about time! We have been back from our summer holiday for two weeks now. Those weeks rushed by unpacking and doing the laundry. I have been trying to catch up  in the garden and my boys have been getting ready for school.

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At the cutting garden

I love flowers and have always enjoyed a bouquet of fresh flowers in the house. Flowers are relatively cheap in the Netherlands and even in winter, there is an abundant choice of flowers and colours. I usually buy my flowers at the market. I love going to the historic city centre each week to buy vegetables and bread.
There is so much to see and always something to taste at the market. I enjoy the lively atmosphere in the streets and squares on market days.

At the cutting garden: dahlias -

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