Botanical Easter eggs DIY

Hello there! How are you? It’s been a while since I last updated my blog. I have been really busy with work and my 4 kids. But I did want to make Easter eggs and share them with you. It’s kind of a tradition of this blog. And to be honest, my Easter egg blog posts are my best read posts. People visit my blog spring, summer and fall to read about my Easter eggs. I don’t know why, but I’m not complaining.  So here is my botanical Easter eggs DIY.

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Simple Easter decoration: delicate egg vases

Happy Easter! I love decorating eggs for Easter and this year, I kept it really simple.  These delicate egg vases are a sweet, easy and inexpensive Easter project. The pure white eggs combine beautifully with the delicate flowers and the fresh green leaves.

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DIY pressed flower Easter eggs

It’s almost Easter, so it’s time to get crafty. I have always loved decorating eggs for Easter. First as a child, and later with my own children. My boys are growing up too fast and are no longer interested in crafts. They are still interested in the Easter egg hunt but prefer chocolate eggs over dyed eggs. I’m on my own now!

DIY pressed flower Easter eggs – This Easter egg decorating idea is an easy and affordable project. All you need are eggs and pressed flowers. I used pansies because they are some of the best flowers to dry. They are small and flat and they seem to hold their colour very well. Simply apply them to the eggs using wallpaper paste -

Last year, I dyed my eggs in different shades of blue and green to create an ombré effect. This year, I tried a new Easter egg idea I’m sharing with you. It’s an easy and affordable project. All you need are eggs and pressed flowers.
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Christmas wreath workshop by Tuin van Judith

When floral artist Judith de Vries announced a Christmas wreath workshop in Amsterdam, I immediately signed up. Those of you who know the work of Judith de Vries know her wreaths are not your ordinary Christmas wreaths. Judith encouraged us to get creative with dried flowers, hips and berries. Read on to learn more about Judith’s art, the Christmas wreath tradition and the workshop.

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Christmas birds DIY

It’s time to bring Christmas into your home! A traditional, green tree decorated with lights, garlands and baubles is a must-have in a house full of men, but I also like a simple tree branch with a few ornaments.

I love nature inspired Christmas decorations. Wintry branches are beautiful on their own and easy to arrange in a tall, glass vase. They are even more festive when you decorate them. These Christmas birds are easy to make, a fun holiday project you can do with, or without, your kids.

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DIY turquoise Easter eggs

Easter is just a week away so I decided it was time to dye some eggs. While the kids are busy with their egg holder and paint brush I am working on my own project: dyeing eggs in different shades of turquoise.

Haven’t dyed your Easter eggs yet and looking for an easy project? These pretty turquoise eggs make an easy and inexpensive Easter decoration. All you need are eggs, a simple Easter egg kit and some patience.

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