Photographing blue anemones

This year, I am looking forward to spring more than usual. I am not really a winter person. I do like to skate, though. Holland is so beautiful seen from the ice. And I do like snow. But what’s the use of this cold weather when the ice is too thin for skating and there is not enough snow for sledging? Let’s move on to spring, shall we? Continue reading Photographing blue anemones

Tulip and anemone spring arrangement

Hello and welcome back to Cloverhome. After a cold start to spring, we finally had some warmer weather last weekend, with temperatures reaching 20°C on Sunday! I worked in the garden, my boys climbed the trees and tried out the new hammock, and in the afternoon, we went into town to get some ice cream.

Spring has definitely sprung and more and more flowers start to bloom. This is the perfect time to use and arrange some of those beautiful flowers to bring spring into your home. Why don’t you join me and make a spring flower arrangement using tulips, anemones, and snowball viburnum?

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Best flowers for Valentine’s Day besides roses

Valentine’s day is this weekend and it is a special day for me. Not because it’s Valentine’s day, we don’t make a big deal out of it, but because it’s a year since I started this blog! My Linzertorte recipe was the first post I wrote. One of the things I love most about blogging is reading your comments on a post. Some of you actually baked the cake and loved it. It was so nice to hear!

Best flowers for Valentine's Day besides roses: tulips -

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