Dried hydrangea heart for Valentine’s Day

Hello there! It’s February and almost Valentine’s day. Do you celebrate Valentine’s day or do you just skip it? To me, Valentine’s day is not a big deal, I won’t be disappointed when I don’t get diamonds or red roses. But it is the day I started my blog two years ago! I like to keep up the tradition and write a Valentine’s day blog post every year. This year, I kept it simple and created dried hydrangea hearts. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the post for a free printable hydrangea heart! Continue reading Dried hydrangea heart for Valentine’s Day

Mixed flower bouquet in shades of purple and violet

Do you know what the ingredients of a perfect mixed flower bouquet are? A mixed flower bouquet features different types of flowers. Focal flowers, base flowers, spires, vines, fillers, and foliage. Have a closer look at this beautiful arrangement in shades of purple and violet. Do you like it and want to know more? Read on to learn some interesting floral facts and how to get the most out of your flower bouquet.

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What’s blooming in the garden: May

And suddenly, it feels like summer. After a cold and wet spring, with even some snow at the end of April, temperatures are in the twenties. The warm weather has made a big difference to my garden. Lots of things are emerging; leaves, flowers, and unfortunately, slugs. May is a busy time in the garden. I have been weeding, and removing dead leaves and slugs hiding under the leaves. Obviously, I should have cleared up the leaves months ago but I didn’t. I bought some new plants and planted them in the garden and made a wigwam for my sweet peas. What have you been up to?

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Summer bouquets: Mix and match

Hello there! Whether you are you reading this in the back garden at home or at your holiday location, I hope you are enjoying summer. To bring out your summer feeling even more, in this week’s blog post I am sharing my summer bouquets. You know you should always have flowers in your home. Research shows you’ll feel happier and more satisfied. If you are looking for inspiration for your summer bouquets, just read on.

Summer bouquets - Cloverhome.nl
Monkshood, poppy seed pod, clematis, eucalyptus, phlox

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