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A quote to start the week: I like boring things

I know the start of a new week can be hard, especially if you have to get up when it’s still dark outside. I’m not a morning person, but after years of waking up early in the morning because the children were ready to start their day, I never set an alarm anymore. Now it’s me, waking them up.

After the terrible events of last weekend, I think we can all use a boring week. A little bit of rain, a little bit of wind, a delayed train, I hope your week is as uneventfull as that. Have a good start of the new week!

I like boring things - Andy Warhol. Find more inspirational quotes on

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2 thoughts on “A quote to start the week: I like boring things”

  1. This is so well said Pauline, I do like my boring week, getting things done, cook warm meals for the family and have an open ear for friends and family members. Looking outside and seeing the weather getting more autumnal. Start to burn candles and smell the wet leaves outside. Wish you too a very quiet week.

    1. Thank you, Silke. My week has been busy with work, meetings and an evening out with friends. There is always a lot of going on with the boys, good things! Have a good week!

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