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A family flower farm: spreading the love for flowers

Wouldn’t you like to walk through a field of colourful flowers? Wouldn’t you like to choose and cut as many flowers as you want? Wouldn’t you like to have lunch in the middle of a flower field?

I am such a lucky girl because that is exactly what I did at the family flower farm of Marlies and Linda.

A lovely lunch table

Marlies and Linda are two lovely ladies and the driving forces behind FAM Flower Farm, located in the flower bulb region, next to Keukenhof in Lisse, the Netherlands. You can read my previous interview with them here.

These two women have been friends since middle school and both married a flower farmer. In spring, their fields are filled with tulips and daffodils, in summer and autumn with colourful dahlias. It’s a wonderful sight!

The flower bulbs and dahlia tubers of FAM Flower Farm are sold all over the world. Thanks to social media they can tell their story and share the beauty of the flower fields with other flower lovers. That is exactly how we met, through social media. We have been following each other on Instagram for a few years now.

Dinnerplate dahlia Islander

I first visited their flower fields two years ago. Marlies and Linda invited me, and a few other bloggers and Instagrammers, for coffee, cakes and lunch. We walked down the flower fields and learned about the many dahlia varieties they grow on their farm. You can imagine we took lots, and lots, of photographs!

A family flower farm: spreading the love for flowers - Cloverhome.nl


This InstaMeet (an InstaMeet is a way for people in the Instagram community to meet one another and take photos together) has become a yearly tradition and I am honoured to be a part of it.

Spreading the love for flowers

By sharing photos of the flower fields and of all the different flower varieties they grow, Marlies and Linda hope to spread the love for flowers. Of course, they would also like to sell a lot of tulip bulbs and dahlia tubers 😉

But I fully support that. Flower bulbs and dahlia tubers aren’t expensive, they are really easy to grow and they give so much joy. Need any advice on growing dahlias? You can find lots of tips in my blog posts planning a dahlia garden part 1 and part 2. Now is the time to order, spring is the time to plant them. And few plants are as easy to grow as spring-blooming bulbs like tulips, daffodils and allium. Now is the time to plant them, don’t wait too long! Plant them now, and then all you have to do is wait.

Walk down the flower fields

Back to the dahlia fields. After some brief instruction on what to cut and how to cut it, we walked through the rows of dahlias choosing and cutting our bouquet. Because my own Café au Lait dahlias have few flowers this year, I picked a nice bunch from their field with a lot of Café au Lait dahlias. When I got home, I tried to fit as many dinnerplate dahlias into a jug as possible 😉

I also picked a bunch of smaller dahlia Wishes and Dreams. The single flowers attract a lot of butterflies and bees, they would make a wonderful addition to your garden. They look pretty in a vase too.

Dahlias Wishes and Dreams with single flowers

I spend such a wonderful day at FAM Flower Farm with a lovely group of Instagrammers. Thanks, Linda and Marlies for lunch, and of course for the flowers!

Café au Lait

Visit the flower fields

If you’d like to visit the flower fields yourself, you can book a visit through their website. This is only possible when the flowers are in bloom. Daffodils normally bloom from the end of March until the end of April. Tulips normally bloom from mid-April to the beginning of May. And dahlias normally bloom from the end of August to mid-September.

Amazing dahlia Penhill Dark Monarch

Readers in need of dahlia tubers, you can order them directly from FAM Flower Farm. They sell daffodil bulbs and tulip bulbs too.

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5 thoughts on “A family flower farm: spreading the love for flowers”

  1. Mooi stukje Pauline, heerlijk om weer over deze mooie dag en de geweldige dahlia’s te lezen. Zeker nu de tuinen leeg zijn, moeten we het doen met de foto’s en de herinneringen.

  2. Thanks for this blog. I learned a lot from this blog. I love flowers so much. Thanks for these tips you post for us. What a beautiful flower designs and arrangements. I hope you can teach me flower arrangements like that so that I can use it if there is an occasion in our family.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! That is what I hope to achieve with this blog, to inspire you to create flower arrangements 🙂
      Let me know if you have any questions or topics you’d like me to blog about.

  3. There gorgeous. I’m growing and selling pick your own flowers also . About 200 dahlias here in Kennett sq pa. Eden & The Arts. If you ever want to sell me some tubors let me know . I’m also a artist . I have a beautiful painted dahlia silk pillow I sell.

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