Market days June: summer flowers, hydrangea -

The flower market in June: summer flowers in abundance

Hello everyone, welcome to this month’s market days, where I share whatever flowers are in season and available at the flower market. After last month’s peonies, this month’s focus is on summer flowers.

Market days June: summer flowers, nigella -
Nigella or love-in-a-mist

But maybe I should begin with: hello, is anybody there? After all, it’s finally summer. We have had our first official heat wave, and everyone seems to be getting ready for the great escape. When the weather gets warm, people spend more time outdoors, take time off from work, have long weekend escapes and go on holiday, while watching less television and spending less time online. And that’s a good thing! I hope, you too, are taking some time off, spending time with friends and family and enjoying the outdoors.

Market days June: summer flowers, market square -

Since you are probably not in the mood for any heavy reading, I won’t make this post too long. I have tried to add lots of pretty pictures of summer flowers and I hope you enjoy them.

Market days June: summer flowers, gerbera -
Gerbera and alchemilla

After the peonies I wrote about last month, I couldn’t think of a flower that really stood out this month. According to the Flower Council Holland, the lily is the first real summer flower. And even though there were plenty of lilies for sale at very reasonable prices, they didn’t fill the flower stalls like the tulips did in February or the peonies did in May.

Market days June: summer flowers, peonies -

At the beginning of the month, the market stalls were still filled with peonies, and I did buy a bunch or two. As I wrote last month, peonies can be tricky. They might not open quickly enough for your taste, or even at all.

Market days June: summer flowers, peonies -

It seems the double peonies are especially difficult. I had some bad luck with, what looked like, a bunch of beautiful, large, buds. After a week, they were still in bud. I was very disappointed, especially because they looked so promising.

Market days June: summer flowers, peonies -

I had my best experience with these single peonies, they opened beautifully and bloomed for almost two weeks.

Market days June: summer flowers, peonies -

But why limit yourself to just one flower when summer gives you an abundance of flowers to choose from? What I loved seeing most at the market this last month, were summer flowers best known from the garden, like nigella, Sweet Williams, alchemilla, sweet peas, delphinium, monkshood, stocks, campanula, hydrangea, veronica and even clematis!

Market days June: summer flowers, purple flowers -

I always go for the pinks and purples and don’t they look stunning?

Market days June: summer flowers, purple flowers -

There were lots of hydrangea at the flower market, as cut flowers but also as plants. It’s one of my favourite plants for the garden and I will write a blog post about it another time.

Market days June: summer flowers, hydrangea -

That’s it for this week! I hope to see you back next month when there will be sunflowers on the menu.

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4 thoughts on “The flower market in June: summer flowers in abundance”

  1. Hoi pauline
    Weer genoten van je blog en de prachtige fotos!
    Ook zo herkenbaar de fotos van de markt.
    je blog laat me altijd even een momentje wegdromen…..

  2. What an incredible flower market! The variety of flower types and all the colors are just amazing. There is nothing like that here in my town. Most flower vendors here sell mixed bouquets, which of course are beautiful and I do love them, however I also like the idea of buying just the flowers of my choosing and making my own bouquet. As usual, very stunning images Pauline! I look forward to seeing your sunflower images next time.

    1. Thank you, June! Our flower market is amazing and I love it. The biggest problem is choosing! There are just so many beautiful flowers, I want them all! Do you have enough space to start a cutting garden? That way you can grow the varieties you love to have inside and are difficult to find in shops. I don’t have a cutting garden, apart from my dahlia garden, we don’t have enough sunny spots. I’m afraid I can’t help you with it, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out ;-).

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