El Botànic: The Botanical Garden of Valencia

In my last blog post about planning a dahlia garden, I didn’t include any flower photos. Today’s post is filled with plants. Again, no flowers! I visited a botanical garden and thought I would share a few of the photographs I took. It’s not all about flowers, leaves have beauty too! The different shapes, the different shades of green, foliage comes in so many forms and colours. I love a greenhouse filled with lush, healthy plants. I have tried to capture the tranquil and serene atmosphere in the garden and hope you will feel inspired.

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Holiday inspiration: Rhodes

With summer just around the corner, I thought it was time for some holiday inspiration. The school year is almost over and everyone is making plans for summer. For most people, planning a trip is half the fun, where to go, what to see and, of course, what to eat? You can spend hours browsing through travel websites and blogs looking for holiday inspiration, drooling over pictures of turquoise waters and deserted beaches, a hammock hung between two palm trees, okay, stop. You get the picture.

Holiday inspiration Rhodes: fishing boats - Cloverhome.nl

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